Sunday, January 23, 2022
Honorable CM has entrusted Punjab Mineral Company (PMC) to drive the vision for the exploration, development and exploitation of economic mineralization within the Punjab. To realize the vision of Chief Minister Punjab, PMC has undertaken exploration and resource estimation of mineral resources and has been working to shape up Pakistan’s first integrated iron ore mining, processing and steel mills complex at Chiniot through the judicious application of modern technology and global best practices.
Chief Minister Punjab
Pakistan is blessed with a highly prospective geology, which has demonstrated the potential for hosting rich mineral deposits, including but not limited to copper, gold, iron, coal etc. The development and exploitation of this mineral wealth is vital for our national and provincial growth and, with concentrated efforts, can anchor the economic development that takes place in the Province.
The Government of the Punjab aims to play a proactive role in the effective and safe exploitation of minerals, and sustainable development of the mineral sector in Punjab, in order to achieve self-sufficient growth and maximized benefit. The Government of the Punjab desires that the private sector and foreign investors come forward and contribute in their respective scope to stimulate opportunities and make the best use of available resources. The Government of the Punjab has already made efforts to channelize its mineral resource, with the aim of transforming the mineral sector into a contemporary and competitive sector of international standards.
I feel great pride in sharing the recent accomplishments of the Government of the Punjab, such as the flagship project of Chiniot / Rajoa Iron Ore, which has been under development since 2014 and is now an integral part of the Province’s steel production strategy. It is expected to be a game-changer for the sector, as well as the Punjab and Pakistan in general vis-à-vis employment, revenues, secondary and tertiary sector stimulation and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth.
I strongly believe in our ability and determination to accomplish our goals and move towards a brighter future for our people. I wish great success to all stakeholders who are part of this process.
Chief Executive Officer
The Province of the Punjab has been endowed with substantial mineral potential. While adequate exploitation of this mineral potential can bring about economic prosperity for the Punjab, its people and our highly valued investors, it can also help us at a national level to alleviate poverty, fuel the infrastructural and social development and drive Pakistan forth towards the right direction.
In past few years, the Mines and Minerals Department Punjab has undertaken revolutionary steps for the well-being and economic success of mineral sector in the Punjab. From introduction of modern techniques for exploration to legal framework reviews, the Mines and Minerals Department Punjab has undertaken a series of events to underpin the prosperity and affluence of the mineral sector.
Vision - Mission - Objectives
To facilitate the discovery and sustainable exploitation of mineral resources, which in turn will contribute to the prosperity of the province of Punjab.
  • To unlock the potential of mineral resources in the province through exploration, development & resource estimation.
  • To assess the economic viability of identified mineral resources.
  • To develop / acquire indigenous human resource and technology in the field of exploration and resource estimation to increase operational efficiency at reduced cost.
  • To generate value through the indigenous extraction and processing of natural resources.
  • To promote nationally and internationally, the economic and business advantages of the mineral resources sector in the Punjab.
  • To enable the development and operation of mining and processing in the Punjab.
  • To stimulate downstream product development.
  • To employ the best international standards, technologies and practices.
  • To nurture academic and intellectual resources as part of the long-term sector transformation plan.
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Punjab Mineral Company
The Punjab Mineral Company (Pvt.) Ltd. was incorporated under Companies Ordinance 1984 with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan on 07.05.2009. It is wholly owned by the Government of the Punjab and is working under the administrative control of Mines & Minerals Department. The Company was established for promotion, exploration, development and economic exploitation of the minerals in Punjab. It is administered by the Board of Directors appointed from Government as well as from private sector in accordance with its Memorandum and Articles of Association.
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