Wednesday, October 27, 2021



Mr. Nazar-Ul-Islam assumed the charge to the post of Director General, Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP) on 01st March, 2017. Mr. Nazar-Ul-Islam was bestowed with the M.Sc. degree in Geology by the University of Karachi, Pakistan in 1981. Mr. Nazar-Ul-Islam has about 33 years of experience of working in various capacities in the Geological Survey of Pakistan.He joined GSP as Assistant Director in 1983. He remained Deputy Director and Director of the Planning and Information (P&I) Directorate for a period of 10 years, later he was promoted to BPS-20 by the Central Selection Board of the Government of Pakistan. He has performed his duties as a Project Director of Raghni Coal Project Tehsil Shahrig, District Harnai, Balochistan during 2015. He is currently also serving as the Project Director of Federal PSDP funded project entitled “Exploration of Tertiary Coal in Central Salt Range, Punjab” in addition to his post of Director General. Mr. Nazar-Ul-Islam’s fields of specialization are Geological Mapping and Mineral Exploration. He has published 16 publicationsincluding regional geological maps and reports on mineral exploration projects in Pakistan.His professional foreign and Pakistani trainings are related with Seismic Hazard Assessment, Advanced course in Computer Sciences, Remote Sensing and GIS, Modern Geoscientific Analytical Techniques etc.He completed Senior Management Course (18th SMC) at Karachi during 2015-2016.

Mr. Nazar-Ul-Islam has presented his research on the Geology of Pakistan in various International and National Scientific Conferences. He has presented the country paper on “Geology of Pakistan” during the Group at the Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC) Tokyo, Japan. During his participation in the “1st Workshop on ECO Seismic Hazard Reduction Programme (ECO-SHARP)” at Tehran, Iran. Mr. Nazar-Ul-Islam presented the country report on “Seismic Hazard Reduction in Pakistan – the current status”. His field work in Pakistan is related with Regional Geological Mapping, Exploration of metallogenic minerals, Evaluation of Coal resources of Pakistan, study of Modern Carbonates, Chemical Characteristics of Iron Ores, and study of manganese, chromite and copper deposits, especially in Chagai, Qilla Saifullah, Zhob and Lasbella-Khuzdar, Balochistan.