Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Our Initiatives


Pakistan is one of the fast developing economies of Asia and it is looking for new ideas and solutions to establish reliable industries to support the ramp up of the growth of its economy. Pakistan is blessed with a number of prospective mineral rich deposits of copper, gold, iron, coal and numerous other commodities including salt, limestone, gypsum, fire clay etc. Punjab province being a leader in the development of its local economy, has the capacity and availability to use local resources to create new industrialized areas. In Punjab, three mineral resource corridors are the focus of exploration program

    1. Chiniot and adjoining areas
    2. Salt-Range
    3. Suleman Range

Punjab Mineral Company (PMC) has been entrusted with the exploration, development and exploitation of economic mineralization within the Province of Punjab. PMC has worked in conjunction with the Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP) to survey over 18,000 in Punjab with semi detail magnetic survey. The geophysical surveys identified various anomalies. Different international consultant/contractor are appointed through a competitive bidding process to assist PMC for completing a comprehensive exploration program as per international standards.


Presently, Punjab Mineral Company (PMC) is working on Chiniot complex steel mill project feasibility that could become the flagship of Punjab industry by using the resources of its local underground iron ore mine. The target of the complex mill will be the production of Hot Rolled Coil (HRC).

The study on Chiniot iron ore will present the New Steel Making plant that will be installed downstream to an iron ore mine in Punjab.

The Transaction advisory study is being performed by the consortium of DMT/MME/NESPAK and Endeavour who were selected through international competitive bidding process and are preparing a project feasibility for the mine, beneficiation and Steel mill complex based on the latest state of the art technology.

The proposed installation includes an underground mine, processing plant, iron making, steel making rolling facility, integrated with an oxygen plant. A captive power plant might provide the electricity to the integrated steel plant to produce molten steel up to HRC (Hot Rolled Coil).

The selected plant solution has been considered carefully also to respect the environment, minimizing impact of CO, CO2 and very low emission in terms of NOx.


Punjab Mineral Company is helping Mines and Mineral department of Punjab on the transformation and restructuring of its processes, procedures and organization state.

A Consortium of Foreign Consultants were hired through competitive bidding to help in this process.

The vision is to have a modern, innovative, dynamic and private sector driven mineral sector that is environmentally responsible, socially sustainable and safe; that contributes significantly to the Punjab’s and Pakistan’s overall economic growth.

And the mission is to ensure responsible mineral development that contributes the optimal level of mineral revenue while respecting the principles of sustainable development.


After successful drilling campaign at Chiniot, Fugro Consult GmbH, Germany has been contracted as Residential Consultant (RC) by PMC, on January 13th 2017 under phase II program through competitive bidding for exploration and resource estimation of iron resource and other minerals in district Chiniot and other areas of Punjab.  Based on sequential priority, Phase II program is split into three separate sections:

  • Phase IIa: Infill and extension Drilling at Chiniot – Rajoa with objective to produce a final separate Mineral Resource Statement for Chiniot and Rajoa
  • Phase IIb: Elaborate Scope of Work for further exploration of Adjoining areas of Chiniot called Wad Sayyidan, Ghutti Sayyidan and Chak Jhumra including land geophysics and drilling with objective to identification of one or more mineral deposits
  • Phase IIc: Other areas of Punjab including GSP defined geophysical anomalies and Kalabagh Iron Ore to elaborate workplan for airborne geophysical survey, topographical survey, land geophysics, geological mapping and drill plan on identified targets. Data consolidation, modelling of identified areas.